Wednesday, 15 February 2012

rain rain dont go away...

day before yesterday was one of those rare days when it rained uninterrupted for hours together... just the kind of day i like. i love rain...(well, as long as it doesnt end up flooding and i need to wade through knee deep water  - then me no likey.)

and when its raining in the beginning of spring, making everything look so fresh and green, so much the better...

when i looked out the window that day, it was so beautiful that i couldnt resist taking some pics ... (and i hope that the people who were walking by my window werent startled too much thinking some crazy lady was taking pics of them as they proceeded to work - having to go to work on a rainy monday morning being a bummer in itself, who wants random people pointing cameras in their paths... )

1 comment:

  1. which place is this. you must be crazy really. its so hot here in India and we are envious of such rain.



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