Monday, 26 December 2011

everyone has their own pick-me-up when going through a dull phase... i seem to get mine my from photos :)  - taking photos, to be precise...

i like it especially when something seemingly ordinary or mundane turns out beautiful when captured on lens...

when i saw these oranges a few days back sitting on the dining table, i couldnt resist fiddling with the camera and taking pictures of them... these are california clementines, which are at the peak of season now, and seen stacked up in boxloads in all the stores here... they have a lovely orange glow on their skin, making them glossy and photogenic :)

(clicking on the pictures opens them up bigger, and i love blogger for the black background - makes them look all the more, umm... ,may i say, classier ... :) )

oranges, clementines, cuties, fruit,mandarins

fruit bowl, oranges, citrus fruits, clementine oranges
california oranges, clementines, mandarin oranges, cuties oranges

oranges, clementines, fruit bowl, mandarins, citrus fruit


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