Saturday, 10 October 2009

indulgence on an impulse ...

maybe i decided to take a break from days of moping around and doing nothing, or maybe the shifting-of-the-saturn did really have an effect on my essentially indian psyche -
whatever be the reason, i had a sudden inspiration to bake some muffins. after a couple of not-so-successful attempts at eggless baking, i had given my experiments a rest for sometime (some = long).

muffins had been on my agenda for a long time (for the uninitiated - muffins are a humble variant of cupcakes, commonly had as a breakfast food in the US, the most common variants having chocolate chips, blueberries, or nuts), and since i like them a lot, had wanted to try out an eggless version at home - especially since k is a staunch ovo-abstainer !

i decide to give up searches for a direct eggless recipe - instead picked a simple recipe from here - and just substituted each egg with 2 Tbs. water + 1 Tbs. oil + ½ tsp. baking powder.
the recipe also calls for brown sugar, but since i didnt have it on hand, i just used regular sugar all the way...

the muffins came out really well - they were really soft and rose well, inspite of being eggless - sweet surprise indeed :)
an added bonus was the lovely aroma that filled the house as they were getting baked... mmmm !


  1. Looks good....did it taste good too?

    If you use Brown sugar, it might taste even better with mellowed sweetness than giving a slap bang slap. Brown sugar supposedly caramels better than white sugar.

    Net result it also makes you eat more like the Gur based sweets against castor sugar based ones.

    And I thought a substitute for egg was always some lumps of butter or margarine. Didnt think oil and water will just do.

    But then impulse discounts everything.

  2. oh, it tasted as good as it looks :)
    inspite of using the regular sugar, it was quite mellowed i should say - no slappy sweetness :)

    what you replace egg with depends on what the egg does in your recipe - in cakes and other baked goodies, the egg makes it rise, and holds it together - so baking powder along with the oil would have helped in the rising and binding... in any case, a few extra random lumps of butter wouldnt give the results you need :)
    thanks for stepping in, and apologies for the delayed reply, anon.

  3. Was wondering if you were muffled by the muffins... now I see its only a delayed response. Anon.

  4. guess am responding too late..nevertheless get me these stuffs wen u come here!!!!!!!!!!:-) :-)

    1. sure... but i do need more info than 'me' if i have to give it you :)



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