Friday, 14 August 2009

The fountains of Bellagio - Las Vegas, Nevada

this is a video of the Bellagio fountains that i took on our recent vegas trip :

the fountains outside the Bellagio hotel & casino come to life and sway and dance to music every evening....easily the most beautiful sight to behold, in all of vegas - and, like most good things in life, is free !

the video is quite shaky though, since i had to keep holding the camera above the heads of the people in front !

another one - nice, albeit a very short one !

and the one below is a view of the fountains from the top of the Eiffel tower at the Paris-las vegas, which is right opposite the Bellagio. This one is in daylight....but then again, the video quality may not be very good, as the camera had to be kept between the small gaps in a cage-like structure !


  1. Amazing and awesome.

    Cant they atleast copy-paste such things in chennai?

    All things being equal like Taxes, People & Desire, its like a human right violation that people of chennai do not get to see such things.

    No wonder 'quit-India' movement is going strong.


  2. awesome it is, no doubt...

    but isn't it an even greater violation of human rights that many people in india are not even assured of a continuous supply of running water in their kitchens and baths.... ?

    in a water and power starved country, such things would probably be just a wasteful extravagance,even if they were to be implemented...

    pardon me if i sound cynical...

  3. fair enough comment.

    but when things like statues, parks, free TVs and cable connections can - then such things can too aint't?

    And I thought we had 365 day sunshine to generate power from solars, and a coastline which is atleast 10000 kms long for water....

    But definitely, it would suffice to feed hungry mouths first.




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