Thursday, 4 June 2009

gaga over zoozoo !

i'm almost always late in catching up with things....and more so if it has the faintest connection with cricket - which maybe the reason why i was ignorant till a few days back about the existence of zoozoos - those creepy yet cute characters which seem to have taken the indian ad world by storm....
i had missed seeing the vodafone ads as i prefer not be in the vicinity of a cricket match, even though every IPL match was running on our TV screen (thanks to K ,who, like most other indian guys, is a walking Wisden when it comes to cricket ! ).
coming back to zoozoos, i found out and saw these ads on youtube (when you miss something on tv, where else to catch it but on youtube ! ) after my cousin enlightened me....

one can't help admiring the innovative concept behind these characters....within 25 seconds, and without any dialogues or eye catching locations, the ads convey the message with such an impact that its impossible to forget them for a long time to come.... no wonder they have such a huge following - with thousands of fans in facebook and orkut...

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O&M, the agency behind the ads, really deserves appreciation for creating the campaign - the mobile phone industry in india is a huge one with much more potential for growth in the coming years, and the popularity of cricket in the country of course needs no explanation - so what better idea than to launch the campaign during the IPL season... and the ads seem to have caught on much more rapidly than the proverbial house on fire....the concept of the characters, seperate ads for each value added service, the crisp and effective presentation that takes home the message, all deserve to be lauded - and not to forget the fact that the characters are not graphics, but real people in costumes !

well, i guess vodafone always strikes the right chords when it comes to ads - who can forget the endearing Pug puppy and the cute kids in the ads when Vodafone was still Hutch ? (personally, i think i still like them more than the zoozoo series :) )
of course, whether the fan following for the ads are any indicators of increased revenue is something to wait and watch, i guess....

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  1. As a passionate-y of the great game, I am flustered by this article and the recognition you have given to ads related to cricket. So I am immediately tempted to respond with such indignant comments (also partly due to my long time inactivity in the blogs and stored up energy)

    The impact of these ads on cricket, atleast Indian cricket, has had a huge impact. Although and always a negative one. I can cite an example - count our own MS Dhoni's number of ads against his runs in the recent T20 WC (read as world cup). I am sure his ads are miles ahead than runs. He even scored a century in the ad field during the formal short stroll he took around the crease.

    As a counter, I am upto producing a stinger in my own blog which I am sure will be as leethal as a Lee bouncer.


  2. i like ads - well, at least good ones... and the point is, the post is about ads - and they happened to be launched during the IPL season...

    so, while i feel the ads were nice, i have no clue as to their impact on the quality of Indian cricket - since my knowledge of cricket is zero (it would even be negative, if such a thing is possible !) :)

    i am not sure if the performance of Dhoni(or any other cricketer)would improve in the absence of endorsement oppurtunites....

    anyway, waiting for your leethal stinger - and the only lee that i am familiar with is bruce lee !

  3. I did my article and published but only to be disappointed with more upsets from Team India. May be Dhoni's now seeing the back of Jupiter.

    You didnt know a Lee? Almighty the Bing !


  4. Well, someone else summed up my thoughts on Podaphone company's services.

    See the link - where you can see what the phone company's customer service is busy doing while you are running behind. All in a lighter vein, though !



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