Friday, 27 March 2009

yummm !!

yesterday was PBM nite, after a long time... i love Paneer so much that a paneer dish is a must-have when i go to a restuarant that serves north-indian food...

and paneer butter masala is one of those things which bring you one step closer to heaven :)

when i made it yesterday, i simply couldn't resist taking a pic of it...cottage cheese with tomato and onion purees, cooked in butter...hmmm...pure poetry :)


  1. wow wow wow ! Much saturated stuff. But looks good !

  2. hi shoalhaven't,
    thanks for stepping into my blog :)
    yup, it does have fatty stuff... i don't make it often, just on those days when i feel like indulging a i guess its ok :)



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