Thursday, 5 March 2009

In sync with time !

I remembered a couple of days back that we had already stepped into March, and in a few days, it would be time to adjust our clocks for daylight saving.
As I checked the internet to confirm the date, I was amused by the thought that I don’t have a wall-clock hanging anywhere in my house, and most of the devices I use to tell time are not actually meant to be clocks !

Mankind has come a long way, from the days of the sundial to the fancy Tag Heuers, Omegas and Cartiers…
My life now, however, doesn’t seem to need any of these… I don’t even remember where the humble Titan I used to possess is now lying.
There are only four spots in my house between which the majority of my time is now divided – My bed, in front of the computer, in the kitchen, and in front of the TV.
My bedside clock/alarm/other-features-that-I-don’t-use comes in handy only when I get into or out of the bed – I take a look at it and groan that either I’ve been up for so long, or that its already time to get up, depending on what time it is…
The rest of the day, I use three things to tell time –

when I am in the kitchen, it is the microwave – I use the clock feature of the microwave more than I use the microwave itself… and since its right above the stove top, it is of great assistance to my not so punctual self to finish cooking lunch before it becomes too late call it lunch time...

when I’m in front of the pc, of course, it is the clock at the right hand corner of the monitor that reminds me that I have spent too much time reading through the Indian news sites, uselessly getting myself worked up about lawless lawyers and politicians playing petty politics…

in the evenings I usually leave the TV on…and more often than not, I go about doing my work around the house to the accompaniment of its sound – the time that I actually spend sitting in front of the TV is very less !
As I go about putting away the laundry, preparing for dinner or doing the ironing, I keep track of the time as the shows change! I know what time it is depending on what show it is !

Considering the fact that until a few years back I used to feel irritated and incomplete on the days I forgot my watch at home, hmmm… time changes, and the times change... !

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