Wednesday, 11 March 2009

a holi mess !

personally, i've never been a big fan of holi, and the idea of getting my face and clothes smeared with chemical colours that refuse to budge for the next few days has, for some reason, never appealed to me !
but last weekend, we happened to go to a (pre)holi bash organised by my husband's was a get-together of around 15 -20 indian families, and we had a good time, with lunch, music, and a little bit of fun and games :)
and the interesting part - both my husband and i did something we normally don't - my husband tried to shake his legs and joined in the dancing (or atleast attempted to dance !) with his colleagues,
and i let myself get my face smeared with colour ! - of course, i kept telling everyone "only a little bit, on the face..." but when close to forty people get their own "little bits", its nowhere close to little ! but everyone was kind enough to let me off without a smear on my dress, which was all i wanted !
well, it was good fun, and a great start to the weekend... especially as we generally don't get a chance to unwind as often as we would like...
as to the colours - well, wet wipes, some cleansing milk, and a good face scrub as soon as we got home took care of that :)

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